Honesty still IS a virtue. Always has been. Maybe some people did not get the memo. There are so many that have become masters at spinning the truth....or avoiding it, at any cost.

Maybe they were not taught by their parents how important honesty is on ALL of life, especially our relationships.

Maybe they get more attention from speaking lies, as opposed to the truth...so they get positively reinforced with each lie they tell.

Maybe their self esteem and confidence is so low they are afraid to tell the truth.

or maybe they are just so disillusioned with life that they actually BELIEVE their own lies. Don't smirk...it happens more than you think.

We have become a society of 'avoiders'. We think that if we don't deal with it then maybe it will just go away...it won't. It will actually escalate...and cause unrest in the spirits of those involved. Who wants to carry that baggage around for no reason?

Maybe we think if we can sugarcoat the truth, we will not have to face it. Wrong again. Dancing around a lie keeps the lie in-tact. Then you are still standing in that dark, low energy of the lie.

Then we wonder why we aren't moving forward in life...experiencing all the blessings that God has in store for us?

It is ok to speak the truth. We can do it with grace and love...for the right reasons. It doesn't matter how big or small the TRUTH is, speak it.

Truth telling, truth speaking, truth LIVING... it's NOT that hard to do. In fact, we can start today...The truth will set you free...and everyone else involved.