One of the main reasons relationships fail...married or not, is that people fail to make those relationships a priority in their life. Love comes first! It has to. We need to place love at the center of our life (right there after God) and all else revolves around that. Our partner IS our home. We have to know in this crazy world that love is the only thing that is real. So many things take us away from what is truly important and essential to our being. In the world of busy schedules, social media, cell phones, work...we HAVE to make time for what is really important to us. So many couples these days living separate lives...separate bank accounts, vacations spent with 'the girls' or 'the guys' instead of as a couple, separate activities throughout the week after work and on weekends...where does LOVE get to fit in if we are hanging on to our single life? If we have been blessed enough to find an AMAZING partner we need to honor that love by honoring the person standing by our side. Love requires that we work AT it and IN it. Always. When we stop trying, we lose it. Connections must be nurtured...always. Too often I hear people say 'they just grew apart from their partner" or their wife/husband became their roommate instead of their best friend/love of their life. That happens because we stopped honoring LOVE and stopped taking care of it. We made other things a priority instead of that relationship and when that happens we begin to lose the ONE thing that sustains us in this crazy world. We NEED each other! Now more than ever. Don't fool yourself that you have all the time in the world to play around because great things will pass you by and you may not ever get another chance at it. If you find something great, place all other 'options' aside and focus on that great thing...that's what love requires of us...if we really want it! Make love a priority.