If you are looking for true love but have not been meeting the 'right ones' out on this crazy single world, then let Love Jenn help you find your one.

At Love Jenn we use a unique algorithm that is based on true love...the kind of love is built on spiritual, physical, social and emotional factors. Jenn matches her clients on things that really matter for a relationship to grow and last, such as dating/courting style, personality, lifestyle, values, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) factors as well as similar life goals. 

Becoming part of our database is easy and puts you in an exclusive pool of people just like you who  are SERIOUS about love.

We search our database first for potential matches for our Elite Matchmaking Members. You are not guaranteed a match just by being in the database, you must become a member for that.

It sure does get you closer to love and when you decide to take the leap of love.

Love happens... but we need to be 'out there' (or in here) to make it happen in our own life. 


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