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Scroll to check out all the services we offer to help YOU find, meet or create more love in your life.  Select the service that fits your needs and let's get started. 



Scroll to check out all the services we offer to help YOU find, meet or create more love in your life.  Select the service that fits your needs and let's get started. 


We have a range of options that will fit your needs. 

Love truly is a science and you should trust your heart and your relationship to someone who has devoted their entire life and career to the study of love…that is Jennifer Styers. She and her team are ready and waiting to assist you in finding the love of your life!

Scroll down to see your options, select the one right for you and lets get started! If you have any questions about anything Love Jenn offers, please Contact Us and we will schedule a time for you to speak with one of our Love Ambassadors.

Your Soulmate is out there but sometimes you just need a little help finding them

  True love is very real, very beautiful and very available to everyone who seeks it.  There really is someone for everyone. The secret to finding love lies within the mysteries of fate, where the right people meet at exactly the right time...serendipity! The chances of that happening organically narrow tremendously when we live busy, hectic lives.   

If you are searching for real love, then you need someone trained in matters of the heart and soul. Love has been Jennifer’s life work and she has been assisting people in experiencing more love, both within themselves and through their most intimate relationships, for over 25 years. 

With our Elite Matchmaking Service,  your matches are hand picked and personally vetted by Love Expert, Jennifer Styers. When you are ready to meet your match, your first date is meticulously planned by our 'love team' to create the most incredible first connection experience for each individual client, based on their own personal preferences combined with the BEST love science in the industry, to foster a space for true love to grow. 

We know what it takes here at love Jenn, as our founder and CEO Jennifer Styers is one of the Top 15 Dating Experts and Matchmakers in the Country, voted by Match.Com,

Jennifer has found through both relational research as well as her own personal experience in coaching /matchmaking thousands of clients over the past 25 years, that the reason most relationships do not work out long term is that people are too good at choosing the wrong partners for them. Love is more than just chemistry and physical attraction...we must share common values, goals. soul connection and of course, the timing must be right for both partners. Love is a science and an art and if you are that discerning individual that does not have the time to waste dating the wrong people anymore, then Love Jenn's Elite Matchmaking Service is for you. We offer a highly personalized and customized service that is always confidential. No more online 'gambling' for will have pre-qualified, commitment ready matches brought to you.  

If you are looking for REAL love you must be with a REAL expert that can help you find it

Our fees vary, based on the search you choose. We pride ourselves in our huge local client base, which keeps our fees much lower than most traditional matchmakers. Schedule a consultation with one of our matchmakers to see exactly what we can do to assist you in finding the love of your life. No more wasting precious days and years looking for the 'one'...why not help move fate along a little quicker? 


  Potential partners are pre-screened and matched based on physical, emotional and spiritual qualities/goals as well taking into account the Social and Emotional Intelligence factors that could never be measured with an online algorithm. 

Love Jenn's Elite Matchmaking Program

Love Jenn's  Elite Matchmaking Program Includes: 

  • Six Months or One Year of Personal Matchmaking Services. Client may choose either a local or national search.  *fees vary based on search region
  • One 60 minute Personal Coaching Session to ensure you are prepared and ready for love
  • A personal love interview with either Jennifer Styers or one of her 'Team Love Ambassadors'
  • Ongoing date coaching (as needed) for the duration of your program, to ensure your love matches have the best chance to make it long term
  • Featured one time as “Love Jenn’s Most Eligible Client”, to the Love Jenn Community, for personal love recruiting purposes (anonymity respected)



Elite Matchmaking Services

Meet qualified, commitment ready people.

Elite Matchmaking Services

Meet qualified, commitment ready people.

because love doesn’t have to be complicated

Love Jenn's Matchmaking Service is ONE OF A KIND IN MATCHMAKING...nowhere else is it this simple and this affordable to have your very own matchmaker, to introduce you to qualified, compatible partners who are SERIOUS about finding the love of their life. Jenn has been coaching clients for over 20 years years to find love and she added this unique offering to her Elite Clients only. Coaching + Matchmaking = Healthy Love!

This membership is for those who are tired of the online dating scene and meeting the wrong people and ready for real live, authentic, quality connections.Love is our passion and we understand that the right connection is everything. 

We use Love Jenn's Proprietary Match-making Sciencethe Connection-Quotient, to provide you with pre-screened, pre-qualified, pre-interviewed compatible dates. We send you your matches and set up the 'perfect' first date experience customized for you and your match! 

Love Jenn’s Elite Matchmaking, is for those who know what they are looking for and are ready for meaningful, authentic, connections. Love is our passion and we understand that the right connection is everything.

This is semi-annual exclusive membership and we do not accept everyone into the program. Due to the fact that we are a Boutique Matchmaking Firm, we only take on so many clients at one time. Please contact us to see if we have any openings. 


What are Jenn's clients saying?

"Yes, I live an amazing life. I have a wonderful family, great friends and a phenomenal career however there was only one piece missing...TRUE LOVE.  I was dating a lot of different people that I either met online or through friends but I kept finding women that were not good matches for me. Nine months ago I took a leap of faith and called my trusted adviser Jennifer Styers. You see I trusted Jenn as a relationship expert and I knew if anyone could find the person I was looking for, it was her. She knows me and how picky I am I trusted her enough to put my personal life in her hands and WOW... did Jenn ever deliver. I met the ONE I was searching for but couldn't find on my own. Although I understood that the process could have been a long one, it wasn't for me."


"I was amazed when Jenn called me and said she had the one. She told me she was beautiful both inside and outside...and she is! She was everything I was looking for. So if your trying to take a new approach to finding love and are considering a matchmaker,  put your trust in Jenn. I did and now I am madly in love with an amazing woman!"

- Rodney, Dallas TX  

"Jennifer's intuition is right on target. I am and always will be amazed by and in awe of your matchmaking skills. You do your homework, you probe deeply and have an uncanny ability to read and understand people. Love Jenn's personal style of matchmaking has placed me with the matched that I feel are potential long term relationships. With Love Jenn I have had a GREAT experience and through your experience and expertise, this "skeptic" has come to fully embrace the possibility of dreaming my largest dreams with a unique soulmate! Thank you, Jenn"

_Meghan Pennsylvania

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Ask Jenn

Intimate time focused solely on you and your needs. 

Ask Jenn

Intimate time focused solely on you and your needs. 

Do you have an immediate relationship challenge or even personal challenge?  

The Ask Jenn  Program allows you access to Jennifer personally by phone, Skype or in person, to work through any challenges you might be experiencing.  It might be a current relationship issue or even questions about why you’re not finding the ‘right one’ for you. This is intimate time focused solely on you and your needs. 

Jenn offers Weekend Personal Coaching Intensives for those ready to work through their 'stuff' quickly, in order to get on with their life, as soon as possible. Can be available for groups also. Please Inquire below for more information. 

45 minute call: $250
Skype/Facetime 45 minutes:  $300
In Person/One Session/ 2 Hours: $395
Weekend Personal Coaching Intensives: Available upon request: $3500 - $10,000 (plus expenses to come to your location)


Love Coaching

Love Coaching

This coaching will absolutely, unequivocally change you and your life, immediately. 

 For those looking for love in all the wrong places, begin here. Love is a science and it all starts with knowing ourselves and loving ourselves. Once we have the basic understanding of who we are and what our soul needs are relationally, we can then and only then begin our journey to true love. For those that have never had a love coaching experience, this is a must do, at least once. 

Starting at $ 679.00 (4 sessions)

  • Personal Coaching Sessions by phone or in person
  • Includes Consultation, Initial Intake Questionnaire, 60 minute Coaching Sessions

What are her clients saying?

"Jenn’s coaching sessions have taken many years of pain and hurt and transformed them into joy and freedom.  Jenn connected with me instantly and her genuine gift and desire to help others was evident in our first meeting.  She taught me the importance of forgiveness and loving yourself.  I wake up everyday with a heart full of love with the intention of being present in my life.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to heal and open myself to living a healthy purpose filled life.   Her amazing talent of listening to clues unlocked the things that held me back from living a full and beautiful life.  This experience has transformed my life in just short amount of time.  If you are reading this now I encourage you to take the opportunity to work with Jenn to discover more about yourself and begin to change the course of your life. "   Elizabeth, TX



"I decided to make an investment in myself last year and it was the BEST decision I could have ever made!  Through Love Coaching sessions with Jenn, I learned tools and techniques that helped me understand so much about myself and how past relationships were affecting my current dating life.  I refer friends to Jenn all the time because she has a special way of cutting through the unnecessary things in life and gets straight to what is important regarding relationships and dating.

Jenn taught me about setting boundaries, learning what is acceptable for me and what is NOT.  Jenn also taught me how to stay away from unhealthy relationships like ones where that are either co-dependent and needy or “commitmentphobes”.   She taught me that I had been wasting valuable time and energy on prospective partners that were not healthy and possibly would never be.  With Jenn’s help, I was able to free myself from self-doubt and realize that I am worthy – worthy of love and worthy of a happy life.  With Jenn’s help, I am now ready for a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship.  I am ready for my forever.  Thank you, Jenn, for transforming my life and helping me realize that there are good men out there!" - Beth, Frisco, TX



“I came to Jennifer broken, not only in love but in spirit. She gave me the tools to love myself and trust my judgment when it came to finding love. Jennifer even ‘warned’ me, with a smile, that when I was healthy and my heart was ready, “the one” would show up in my life. She was right! I wasn’t even looking and he just appeared in my life. We share a truly intimate, soul- based connection and I couldn’t be more thankful to Jennifer for giving me the ability to find a love beyond anything I could have imagined.” -Kathy,  Dallas, TX


"I came to Jennifer broken, not only in love but in spirit. She gave me the tools to love myself and trust my judgment when it came to finding love."  

-Kathy, Dallas, TX



"Jennifer has a God given gift that No one else has. I learned how to forgive and Love myself again, something I have never been able to do."

-Dawn, Los Angeles


"She gave me the courage to do what was best in my current situation and life. Her insights are priceless!"

-Jenna, Plano, TX

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