this is what my clients are saying about our services. we are standing by to do the same for you.

Jenn’s coaching sessions have taken many years of pain and hurt and transformed them into joy and freedom.  Jenn connected with me instantly and her genuine gift and desire to help others was evident in our first meeting.  She taught me the importance of forgiveness and loving yourself.  I wake up everyday with a heart full of love with the intention of being present in my life.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to heal and open myself to living a healthy purpose filled life.   Her amazing talent of listening to clues unlocked the things that held me back from living a full and beautiful life.  This experience has transformed my life in just short amount of time.  If you are reading this now I encourage you to take the opportunity to work with Jenn to discover more about yourself and begin to change the course of your life.    Elizabeth, TX

I decided to make an investment in myself last year and it was the BEST decision I could have ever made!  Through Love Coaching sessions with Jenn, I learned tools and techniques that helped me understand so much about myself and how past relationships were affecting my current dating life.  I refer friends to Jenn all the time because she has a special way of cutting through the unnecessary things in life and gets straight to what is important regarding relationships and dating.

Jenn taught me about setting boundaries, learning what is acceptable for me and what is NOT.  Jenn also taught me how to stay away from unhealthy relationships like ones where that are either co-dependent and needy or “commitmentphobes”.   She taught me that I had been wasting valuable time and energy on prospective partners that were not healthy and possibly would never be.  With Jenn’s help, I was able to free myself from self-doubt and realize that I am worthy – worthy of love and worthy of a happy life.  With Jenn’s help, I am now ready for a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship.  I am ready for my forever.  Thank you, Jenn, for transforming my life and helping me realize that there are good men out there! - Beth, Frisco, TX


“I came to Jennifer broken, not only in love but in spirit. She gave me the tools to love myself and trust my judgment when it came to finding love. Jennifer even ‘warned’ me, with a smile, that when I was healthy and my heart was ready, “the one” would show up in my life. She was right! I wasn’t even looking and he just appeared in my life. We share a truly intimate, soul- based connection and I couldn’t be more thankful to Jennifer for giving me the ability to find a love beyond anything I could have imagined.” -Kathy,  Dallas, TX

" So many things have shifted as well as me being able to see clearly what and where I really am at this time and some of what is ahead.( I now when I get there, there will be more...How exciting!)  Without much action yet, just my shift in consciousness and being able to stay in a place of gratitude for what I have accomplished thus far and really seeing the blessing in all the stuff I have experienced the past 5 years. I have had some major breakthroughs. Can't wait to see how things fall into place when I actually do more than just think differently. Love Love Love ya!" - Alan, Texas

“It’s not easy exposing yourself completely, faults and all, to another person.  Looking in the mirror and admitting you are one messed up person and you need help.  That’s where I found myself.  I knew my brain needed de-programming from what I was beaten down to believe.  I knew my heart, my soul, my spirit was buried so deep under years of darkness.  I was a broken and lost woman, a woman that lost herself in a relationship of emotional torment and physical abuse.  I needed hope.  I begged for God to show me a light, where to go, what to do.  And He did, He showed me the brightest most angelic light, He showed me Jennifer Styers. Jennifer showed me how to uncover the beautiful spirit within me that had been buried by so much darkness and evil.  She opened my eyes to what “I AM” and what I deserve in a relationship.  I am looking forward to the day that I find the one God has for me.  I am now Healed and Whole and ready to be a loving partner.  I’m also able now to recognize others that are Healed and Whole, and just as important, those that are not. Jennifer literally saved my life, she opened the door for me to be a better mom, friend and partner, and I will be forever grateful to her for that. Prayers ARE answered.  He sent me Jenn.” - Lee, TX

“All I can say is Jennifer has a God given gift that No one else has. She took 57 years of pain and brought it out to reveal itself so I could know it and process it. It wasn’t easy but it’s gone from my spirit and it can’t ever haunt me again. I learned how to forgive and Love myself again, something I have never been able to do. I’m so thankful for My God and His angel Jennifer Styers. Because of her coaching ‘the real me came back’. I Love you Jennifer.” - Denise,  CA

"Yes, I live an amazing life. I have a wonderful family, great friends and a phenomenal career however there was only one piece missing...TRUE LOVE.  I was dating a lot of different people that I either met online or through friends but I kept finding women that were not good matches for me. Nine months ago I took a leap of faith and called my trusted adviser Jennifer Styers. You see I trusted Jenn as a relationship expert and I knew if anyone could find the person I was looking for, it was her. She knows me and how picky I am I trusted her enough to put my personal life in her hands and WOW... did Jenn ever deliver. I met the ONE I was searching for but couldn't find on my own. Although I understood that the process could have been a long one, it wasn't for me." Ricky, TX

"I was amazed when Jenn called me and said she had the one. She told me she was beautiful both inside and outside...and she is! She was everything I was looking for. So if your trying to take a new approach to finding love and are considering a matchmaker,  put your trust in Jenn. I did and now I am madly in love with an amazing woman!"

- Rodney, Dallas TX  

"Jennifer's intuition is right on target. I am and always will be amazed by and in awe of your matchmaking skills. You do your homework, you probe deeply and have an uncanny ability to read and understand people. Love Jenn's personal style of matchmaking has placed me with the matched that I feel are potential long term relationships. With Love Jenn I have had a GREAT experience and through your experience and expertise, this "skeptic" has come to fully embrace the possibility of dreaming my largest dreams with a unique soulmate! Thank you, Jenn"   -Meghan Pennsylvania

I just wanted to tell you what a positive impact you have had on my entire life. I have become a healthier man and learned how to open up my heart and be vulnerable to love. You taught me to enter into a relationship ‘consciously’ and how NOT to settle for less than I deserve. (Thanks to you, I now know what I deserve) You have also, in my mind, brought me closer to God again. I had lost my way and was moving through life closed off and angry and unable to find lasting love. After going through your processes I stumbled into the love of my life and she was more than I had ever hoped or dreamed she would be. She was EXACTLY what my soul needed. The work I did with you was what led me to her. I love you for everything you have done for me and the Man you have helped me become.  - Love You Always. James, TX

Jennifer Styers is such an excellent relationship coach!  She is very personable in her approach and helps you to feel comfortable about opening up in so many areas we may never have opened up to before. She helps you to become aware of blind spots that you either avoided previously or did not know were there.

Once she helps uncover the problems with relationships she helps to develop strategies to overcome the problems so that they hopefully won't be an issue in future relationships.

Jennifer is the greatest coach and just all around person!! ~Ron, TX

"Today it came to me crystal clear: I'm already there! (or Here - whatever . . . )  There's a very strong big part of me that IS direct expression of my Knowing; already going on in my human life.  The other part is really just an echo with a well paved road.  So; no more apologizing, dimming, undervaluing or trying to pull U-turns on my leading edge place in evolution. Our energy and being is truly "electrified" when we talk, and it's like coming home after being gone for years. Jennifer...thank you for holding me in the highest light, for believing in all of us, and for trying to remind me of my best self especially when I'm in dark places. I am in motion, the awareness that I've lived into is mine, my entire life is unfolding for my fun, I can literally see and physically feel the power that creates worlds flowing through me (always have but rarely admit it).  And the bestest part is when I drop the whip and trust, anything can be easy!"

"Thanks again for holding up a mirror to help me remember my true face.You are a gift and a blessing.  You've found a channel that invites you to shine very brightly."- Susan, California

“I just wanted to thank you for your wisdom. Your approach on life and Love is so right on and I don’t think there is anyone else that has helped me as much as you have. You gave me the courage to do what was best for me in my current situation and life. Your insights are PRICELESS! I will recommend you to everyone I know, and assure them that you’re the ‘real deal’. Thank you for transforming my life!”- Jenna, Plano, TX

I think about how the time spent with you has been so important to my growth. I still use my daily "I AM" board. I now use the board for my health and eating habits and I am feeling and looking better than ever. I still look at all the notes I had from our visits. To up date you I met someone November 2013 and we have been together now almost 4 years. She is all the things you and I talked about. And I have finally allowed your guidance to take control of me and I have become a amazing partner as well. We are engaged to marry this year and I tell her of our time together and how it shaped the good and bad habits I have had. We are thriving and living together and building a relationship. You have no idea the true impact you had on me. Your investment in my life and in working with me paid off. I suggest to many of my friends that getting a mentor in love was the one solid anchor in my growth.  -Jim


"Thank you Thank you Thank you for such a fantastic and life-changing coaching experience. We haven't had much sleep the last two nights, we can't stop discussing, discovering, and evolving!  Both my husband and I feel more AWAKE than ever before.  I am bursting with excitement for the future.  You really have no idea how thankful I am that you came into our lives, knowing you has been such a blessing and having you as a coach, immeasurable." - Katrina, Houston TX