There are too many people that are WAY too picky about a partner...
If I told you how many times a woman or man left a date and said "We had the most wonderful time together. Lots of things in common, great conversation, good connection...BUT!" 
It's the 'but's' that get me. 
BUT she is a few pounds overweight. 
BUT she lives too far away. (20 minute drive)
BUT he's too short...I will be his same height with my 5 inch heels I am not willing to give up.
BUT there was no spark, attraction. (on first date...that is called lust)
BUT I am not willing to stop serial dating...and commit to only ONE person. 
BUT he/she did not act the way I wanted them to, even though they were just being themselves. 
BUT he is the kind of guy that wants to settle down and I am not willing to give up my party lifestyle for a relationship.
BUT she is not as young as I would like...even though she is still younger THAN I am. 
Come on. Stop it....
Love is not going to show up in the perfect little box made just for you. If you don't believe me just ask people that are really in love! They will tell you that they love their partner, despite the differences....from the very beginning.
Expectation is the root of most of the loneliness. 
It is frustrating for me to watch perfectly paired people tear each other apart over mundane, superficial things. 
I can assure you that LOVE is not for you if you cannot look past your own unrealistic expectations to the person beneath what you see or 'think' you want, need or deserve.
This seems to be a theme I am witnessing lately...
stop it. Just stop it if you want love. Heal yourself first before you step out into the world looking for true love. You cannot gage love by someone's clothing, weight, occupation, financial status,where they live, car or anything else superficial. 
We, as a society, are getting this all wrong. I believe God is shaking his head in disbelief at some of the things He is seeing and hearing in this world...
I know I am also. 
For those of you REALLY committed to finding true love...from the inside is the good news: Some of the BEST catches out there are being passed up by men/women who are not spiritually evolved yet to this place. More love for you....get out there and open yourself up to it ❤️ Jennifer Styers : the REALISTIC matchmaker! LOL