Love is simple but we sure have figured out how to complicate it. We try to push our 'own' agenda in relationships vs. allowing love to just move in it's own time and space. We connect with someone and then we expect that 'love' to look a certain way, respond a certain way, act a certain way....and that 'certain way' is based completely on what WE need and want and not taking into account there is actually another human being with their own feelings and needs involved also. Complications arise from unrealistic expectations about partnership and love. We can know what we want and need but if we expect to find a partner who is going to be programmed to meet every one of those... in our time frame and in our way...and then ALSO sweep us off our feet in the process...we need to know that we are definitely standing in the short line for disappointment and heartache. Love cannot survive in control or complication. It suffocates needs to be free to move within the hearts and souls of a partnership with EASE and in joy. When two adults show up to a relationship they come from two different worlds. The beauty of getting to know someone, finding out the intimate details of what shaped them into who they are today is the INTIMACY that creates a sacred bond between two people. If we complicate that by insisting our own needs are met, at any cost, we will lose in love...every time. We are called to HONOR one another, to love them. We have to learn to just sit back and let love happen in God's time and way, not ours. It would make love so much easier