Finding the 'right' someone to love forever lies in the 'friendship' you have with one another. Our partner should... and needs to be, our best friend. It is all about compatibility. Sharing the same interests is SO important because our free time, which can be so limited, should be spent having fun with our best friend. Whether that idea of fun is hanging out with your family, going to concerts or sporting events, traveling the world, appreciating the arts, participating in outside sporting activities or maybe even being a homebody....if "life" is shared together and we are enjoying the experience of it as a keeps our relationship STRONG and constantly growing. There is another part of love that is overlooked so often and that is that we cannot have a true intimate relationship with the person we love, without meaningful conversations with them. Sharing our heart, in a space we are allowed to be completely open and vulnerable, is absolutely priceless and necessary. If our partner cannot share their heart with us, they will eventually find a space or place to share it. We have to have and love calls us to it constantly. Connection gives our life meaning. That is why God gave us each other ....for companionship, friendship, support, understanding and love. Too many couples "show up to the dinner table" but then lead completely separate lives outside of that, as a couple. That causes us to disconnect...and after too long of disconnecting... the relationship is over. Couples who play together, stay together. Find a person that you love that is also your best friend. Someone you can open your heart to, laugh with, be yourself with, do the adventures in life with (and the challenges) and someone that you trust implicitly. Living a GREAT life is all about a life that is filled with meaning and purpose. Find the person that you want to share ALL of that with...then settle in, nurture it and stay forever.