No matter where we have been in life and love...all the triumphs, challenges, wins and losses...we need to remember that perfect love exists for us. There IS someone for each and every one of us and if we have not found them yet, chances are the are also looking for us. God decides when that meeting happens, not us. In the meantime we must prepare. Do the inner work to get ourselves healthy and READY for our ONE...because when they show up, we will need to be available AT THAT MOMENT physically, emotionally and spiritually for such a BIG love. We also have to be sure we do not make our life complete with-OUT a partner so there is space for love to enter. Two cannot go where there is only room for one. We have to get really clear on who it is that we want standing by our side through life and when they show up, put them there. Love deserves to have a space in our life next to us, to go through ALL that life has to offer. One last thing...the space next to us must be really clear from all past emotional drama, pain and baggage. It's not fair to ask someone to stand by our side when that space is really not available due to our past stuff. Let go of what needs to be let go of so we can grab GREAT LOVE with both hands when it presents itself...and it will present itself when God knows we are ready.