Have people forgotten their dating manners? No matter how far off the beaten path we may get due to technology one thing will never change and that is our need for LOVE. Not only are we a confused society about 'what love is' because many had poor examples set for them growing up but now we have gotten lost in all this technological minutia and forgotten how to properly court someone. This goes for the ladies also. It is the mans job to take the lead in asking a woman out properly (NOT via text!) and in doing whatever it takes to keep that woman interested before, in between and after the dates. This requires communication. We are ALL busy...love takes effort if you want it. Women still want romance regardless of how 'modern' she may seem. She also would like to know she is special and that you're not dating 10,000 other woman along with her. Ladies: please ALLOW a man to take the lead. HE does the asking. Allow him to court you properly. Jumping into bed too soon or sexting with a man will not encourage him to be in a relationship with you, in fact, it will probably do the opposite. A man knows if a woman is aggressive with him she is also doing the same with other men...not quite the picture of the faithful, loyal bride a man likes to have in his head. We may be living in 'new times' but LOVE hasn't changed. Remember what your goal is ultimately(LOVE) and courtship takes time and a consciousness of who you are 'being' at all times within that relationship. Masculine and feminine energy were created by God for a purpose...so that we could balance eachother out. The Yin and the Yang. Let's not forget how to love