There are boundaries in love that we must identify prior to entering into a partnership as well as 'remembering' them when we are in one. Boundaries are our own personal property line...what we STAND for, value and respect. First on our list needs to be ourselves! We must remember to always love ourselves, no matter what. It doesn't matter what someone else does, says or is being...if we 'know' who we are and are willing to shine in our own beautiful space, authentically and openly...then there is noone that can penetrate that space. It is ours, we own it. Then we must know what we stand for and value in life, love, relationships...and hold everyone in our personal space accountable to those things at all times, otherwise they are not allowed in our space. We DO have control over what we allow in and what we put out of that space. We must value who we are and then stand firmly in that space so others know how we must be treated. Love is the one place where we seem to 'let go', and we should...but not of our boundaries, just of our heart. When we let someone cross our boundaries we are unconsciously giving them permission to dis-respect us. We ALL need structure and to know where we can and cannot go. What is acceptable and not acceptable. Lack of boundaries in a relationship will significantly hurt it. If they are left for too long unattended, love turns to resentment and then it ends. So stand strong from the beginning knowing who you are, what you bring to the relationship, what you deserve and what you will and will not accept from your partner. Then stand in it, forever