We have all heard the quote "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results", yet somehow we don't think to apply this same universal concept to our personal 'relationships'. Yes, it's true...we all have patterns. If you have had a lifetime of the most AMAZINGLY harmonious, loving and healthy relationships than read no further...you are perfectly sane when it comes to love. Good for you! For those that can NOT say this, which is the MAJORITY of people, than please read on, unless you are happy continuously being in the toxic relationships. LOVE is a pattern. Who we attract, who we choose to love, who we don't choose to love and the quality of our relationships once we are IN them, are all patterns. Most of them are subconscious so you won't be able to analyze yourself objectively. You just need to know that if you keep getting in the wrong relationships than you have to 'change' something you are being, believing, doing or thinking. Maybe its a combination of all of the above. But to keep seeking new love or staying in a bad relationship because you don't know how to get out are just draining you of all your good love juju that you should be saving for the 'right one'. When they do finally show up...and they will, whether you are available or not...you may not recognize them if you yourself are not healthy, emotionally available and not completely burned out in the love department. I can assure you that no man or woman wants to be in love with the 'bitter one'. Begin taking an HONEST look at yourself and your relationships. What do they have in common besides YOU? If nothing, than it may just be you that needs the healing....but stop the insanity if you want real love