There is not a shortage of great men and women in this world...there is just the challenge of actually finding them. The great ones value their time and energy and don't want to play games in order to find they are probably not hanging out at singles bars drinking their weekends away nor do they have a permanent address on all the online dating sites. The great catches are out ENJOYING their life, doing what they love, hanging out with people they love and waiting...waiting to meet the person that God sent to them, for them. God always His time, not ours. Trying too hard to push our own agenda only frustrates us. Looking in the 'wrong' places for love will also. Love just shows up when WE are ready. If we are wondering why we have had to wait so long it is either that God knows that the timing is not there for one or both of you...or maybe YOU just are not ready inside for the kind of love that you say you want. We have to BE that which we seek. If we want authenticity, we must be authentic. If we want openness and vulnerability...we must be vulnerable. If we want trustworthy, we must be living honestly and in truth. If we are not attracting what we want then there is a discrepancy somewhere. Search for THAT instead of endlessly searching for love. Love WILL find always does. God puts the right people together at EXACTLY the right moment....but if WE are not open and ready, we will miss them. Search your own soul to find love instead of searching out in the world for it. Love shows up when we are ready for it. Period.