Change may be scary but a life that is unhappy, un-lived and unrealized is even scarier. There needs to be a point in which we take a REAL honest look at ourselves and the kind of life we are living and the kinds of relationships we are either attracting or not attracting...and realize something has to change or life will remain the same. It sounds so simple yet a concept many do not grasp for themselves. Our actions, or lack thereof, has created the life we have today. If we want a different experience we have to be willing to change the way we are being, thinking or living. Not an easy task since it is hard to self be self objective. The only way we know something is not right is by the circumstances in our life. If it not what we wish to have or what we think we deserve...then something is off. The challenge in this truth is actually having the wisdom and discernment to actually make a change. We pass middle age and we 'think' we know best...but the judge of our REAL internal compass is our LIFE today. Are you happy? Do you have the love in your life you deserve? Are you living in a way that is true to your soul? If the answer is no to any of these, than it is time for a change.Not tomorrow, not next week, not when you 'think' you will be be ready...but TODAY. Whatever the step you take...make it a big one. Small steps don't get you far enough to see a different perceptive. So the heck with the 'stair'...try running the staircase! Life is short...we don't have time to waste thinking about change or taking little steps. Have FAITH in what your heart is telling you to be, do or have... and move forward in that faith. Its the ONLY way God can change your circumstances.