Being single is not a bad thing as long as you are being a 'responsible' single. Responsible meaning that you are using that single time to really get to know yourself, love yourself and get very CLEAR on exactly what you need in a relationship and who you are looking for. Responsible also means not playing games in dating and with other peoples hearts. Dating is not supposed to be a roll of the is precise. Online dating sites are not to be used like an X-box...they were designed to help people find LOVE... but sadly it has become a playground for games, deception and even fraud. Sadly, it has turned many people away from relationships because they think that's all that is out there....but that's not the case. There are great people looking for love but they are doing it differently because we have to these days. As a Matchmaker I hear all the time from singles that 'there are no good men and women out there anymore'...and that is simply just not true. It's just where you are looking and what you are doing that isn't working! I hear married people say "I wouldn't want to be single today"...yet so many married people are miserable in their own relationships because they also did not take the time to choose wisely and appropriately. Who wants to be in a love-less relationship or marriage? Good relationships of ALL kinds require that we enter in them responsibly...from day one. That we value ourselves and we value a great connection when we find it. We must be responsible with our own hearts and with any other hearts that we come into contact with. Great love exists...but it start's with us