What is it about this world today where we think people are 'disposable'. If they don't meet our criteria immediately then we want to toss them out and find someone else. The way I see it, we are ALL imperfect. To expect anyone else to be perfect or to even think that the 'perfect person' exists, is just a lie that we tell ourselves, that will undoubtedly keep us single forever. We give up too easy. We put expectations on people that are not realistic. We think that they need to think exactly like we do and be at the exact same place in life that we are...or we toss them aside. Life is not a Tinder App...a simple 'swipe' yes or no. The things that matter in life take WORK and COMMITMENT. Love is one of those things. If you are past the age of 30, than you too have baggage you are bringing with you into relationships. If you want others to accept yours, then you have to be willing to accept theirs.( all within reason, of course) Love is about meeting in the middle. Sometimes that means we need to be patient with someone if they are not at the EXACT same place we are. That may mean we need to look deeper inside someone for what is not visible on the outside...which requires time and patience. In this world of 'immediacy'...we need to know that love does not respond to our timeline or criteria. Love happens when we let it. When we learn to accept people for who they are and allow the relationship to move in God's time, not ours. Every person on this earth is God created and deserves an opportunity to be 'seen'. known and heard. That takes time, patience, non-judgement, compassion and love. People are not disposable...love is rare and should be held in the highest regard before anything else in life.