Let's face it...looks are important when choosing a partner but it should not be the MOST important thing on our list! How many times have you been attracted to someone who would not normally be 'your type', because of who that person was vs. just how they appeared on the outside? Or even the opposite...ever known someone who was super good looking but that you had no chemistry with? Attraction goes far beyond appearance. 

In order to fall in love with another we must truly know and love ourselves first. Knowing ourselves is important because once we do, we know what kind of partner is GOOD for us and what kind is not. Conscious dating is crucial!

Sometimes people that are not healed and whole are attracted to the person that has the greatest ability to break open the wound they have in their heart, for the purpose of healing it. God gives us many opportunities to heal...as many as we need to finally do the work! Hurting definitely propels us to make change...but it is not a fun emotion to experience, so best we uncover what needs to heal, heal it..and begin choosing the right partners for us. Love is meant to be enjoyed...not a place of chaos and frustration.

Finding the right partner requires that we share common values and interests with that person. Our lover should also be our best friend. This is especially important as we get older. When we don't have the crazy career schedules and kids to raise, it is just that 'soul connection' with our partner we have to get us through life....so we better make sure its a good one! 

Chemistry is crucial but if we write someone off at first meeting just due to physical  appearances, we might miss out on the goods that that persons soul has to offer. Sometimes chemistry can surprise you.. Keep your heart open and listen to your spirit. Look further than just the physical...that's where we find love.