What we put into love, we will get out......

We have become a society that has developed  'learned complacency'.  In short, people have become emotionally lazy. Why? Because they CAN. Technology has put so much of life at our fingertips and we think if we have to do more work than a click or swipe, than it isn't worth it.  

Well the old saying still stands today..."Nothing worth having comes easy". If we want something great, like a GREAT relationship or even want to find our soulmate...it requires work. We need to put the time and energy into our-selves first, to ensure we are healthy and ready for love.  Then once we begin our search for love, we must be discerning and make it a very conscious process. The reason people get in the wrong relationships is because they choose the wrong people for them. Staying conscious through the process requires effort on our part, and it always will. To remain true to who we are and to keep healthy boundaries in love requires us to be conscious and live that way.

Online dating and mobile dating has grown over the years because our commitment to things and people has diminished. Our patience has decreased and we carry the idea that if it is too much work than it is not worth our time. There is the mindset that if we don't like something about someone, then there is always someone else just an email or swipe away. People are losing their value as human beings and becoming expendable, as we move more into this technologically driven society. This is precisely where we have lost the true energy of love.  Dating is not a game and love is a very serious and beautiful thing, that requires  us to be conscious, present, vulnerable, open and committed. 5 things our society still values but are losing. 

If we truly want to find love then we need to go about it the right way...the old fashioned way. Meet in person and be open for that spark. It happens! Extend others grace to not be perfect, as we aren't either. Look beyond the small things and keep in mind your bigger picture of a relationship. Love doesn't always make sense...but if we listen to our heart and trust in the Divine process. God will never steer us wrong but our heads will...so be sure to listen to what your heart is saying!  

What you put into love you will get back. If your not getting what you need than your not giving it somewhere, regardless of what you think.