When I moved back to Dallas in the early 2000's, you couldn't tell me that the guys and gals in this city were different from the ones in other major metropolis'. I came from Atlanta and the demographic definitely seemed similar....little did I know. After getting into Matchmaking I realized that Dallasites are their own unique breed of daters and if your going to be single in Dallas, you have to understand how it all works.  Along with the stature of our beautiful city...we also have a reputation for having some of the most beautiful women and most successful men in the world living here.  That is definitely true. So has that 'spoiled' the average Texan? Do men 'really' want that Texas beauty and do women really want that 'Cowboy millionaire'? Well, it seems so. Maybe not everyone...but because I AM a matchmaker and I DO hear the truth from people, this is what most are looking for.

Surprisingly, regardless of their own looks men still want and go after the prettiest girls and women want the whole deal...money, looks, success and quite frankly, I have found that Texas women like a man with a little attitude. Just sayin girls. You complain about the narcissist but when you find a good man that is stable and kind you call him boring and say you have no chemistry. Men...as you get older you have to realize that your compatible dating pool is probably within 3-5 years of your own age. You may 'feel' 25 but that doesn't mean you can still attract a young one that is interested in who you are 'inside' and not your pocketbook.  Ladies, sometimes the guy that is not the tallest, most charming, handsome guy in the room has the most to offer a real relationship.  We have to be realists when dating...GREAT people are out there...we just have to look in the right places and search for what is inside a person, not just focus on the outside. 

The nice guys and the average girls can finish last in Dallas but I am here hoping to change that!!  Sometimes the best things in the world are wrapped in the most simple packaging. It is always my job as a matchmaker to find the good in people...and if I could convince others to look more than skin deep, we would be in happier, healthier relationships! 

The nice guy who is honest, loyal and trustworthy is ALWAYS the sexiest man alive and the woman who can throw on jeans and a t-shirt and go watch a football game with the guys is still most men's dream. We just have to wake up and start dating consciously. So what if there are a lots of beautiful women and a tons of successful men in this city...there is only ONE that is going to steal your heart and if your going to find them, you better be going after their 'heart' and searching their 'soul' to find  them. Sometimes prince charming won't be riding the Stallion, but the Thoroughbred horse. Guys, sometimes Cinderella won't be wearing a Jimmy Choo but a Charles David. Be willing to look a little deeper...that's where we find true love.