because love doesn’t have to be complicated

Love Jenn's Matchmaking Service is ONE OF A KIND IN MATCHMAKING...nowhere else is it this simple and this affordable to have your very own matchmaker, to introduce you to qualified, compatible partners who are SERIOUS about finding the love of their life. Jenn has been coaching clients for over 20 years years to find love and she added this unique offering to her Elite Clients only. Coaching + Matchmaking = Healthy Love!

This membership is for those who are tired of the online dating scene and meeting the wrong people and ready for real live, authentic, quality connections.Love is our passion and we understand that the right connection is everything. 

We use Love Jenn's Proprietary Match-making Sciencethe Connection-Quotient, to provide you with pre-screened, pre-qualified, pre-interviewed compatible dates. We send you your matches and set up the 'perfect' first date experience customized for you and your match! 

Love Jenn’s Elite Matchmaking, is for those who know what they are looking for and are ready for meaningful, authentic, connections. Love is our passion and we understand that the right connection is everything.

This is semi-annual exclusive membership and we do not accept everyone into the program. Due to the fact that we are a Boutique Matchmaking Firm, we only take on so many clients at one time. Please contact us to see if we have any openings. 


What are Jenn's clients saying?

"Yes, I live an amazing life. I have a wonderful family, great friends and a phenomenal career however there was only one piece missing...TRUE LOVE.  I was dating a lot of different people that I either met online or through friends but I kept finding women that were not good matches for me. Nine months ago I took a leap of faith and called my trusted adviser Jennifer Styers. You see I trusted Jenn as a relationship expert and I knew if anyone could find the person I was looking for, it was her. She knows me and how picky I am I trusted her enough to put my personal life in her hands and WOW... did Jenn ever deliver. I met the ONE I was searching for but couldn't find on my own. Although I understood that the process could have been a long one, it wasn't for me."


"I was amazed when Jenn called me and said she had the one. She told me she was beautiful both inside and outside...and she is! She was everything I was looking for. So if your trying to take a new approach to finding love and are considering a matchmaker,  put your trust in Jenn. I did and now I am madly in love with an amazing woman!"

- Rodney, Dallas TX  

"Jennifer's intuition is right on target. I am and always will be amazed by and in awe of your matchmaking skills. You do your homework, you probe deeply and have an uncanny ability to read and understand people. Love Jenn's personal style of matchmaking has placed me with the matched that I feel are potential long term relationships. With Love Jenn I have had a GREAT experience and through your experience and expertise, this "skeptic" has come to fully embrace the possibility of dreaming my largest dreams with a unique soulmate! Thank you, Jenn"

_Meghan Pennsylvania

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