Jennifer has been coaching her clients in the ways of life and love for over 25 years.

  Jennifer's Coaching Programs are designed to get to  “your stuff” quickly and painlessly while giving you REAL, workable, live-able, practical tools for moving through whatever is holding you back from experiencing GREAT love in your life.   

Love is available to everyone and if you haven't found it yet, it may be because you may not be prepared inside for all that the journey of love brings with it. Most of the time the barriers to  love are hidden from us. We may know something is off, but can't put our finger on what it is.  Our past hurts, our fears, previous loss all have to be put in their proper place (perceptive) in order to clear the space. Once the space is open, love shows up. Jennifer knows how to get 'you' out of the way so love can finally find you.

Jennifer offers one month to three month Coaching Options for those that are truly READY to make some changes in their life. 

4 one hour Sessions $625 | 12 One hour sessions $1800

What are her clients saying?

"YOU are such a gift to those of us in your real life.... as well as to the whole world, Jennifer; be that through whatever means!! Seriously, you're a gift given to this universe from the heavens!! My appreciation for you is immense, and my love for you, sweet coach of mine, is immeasurable. You changed my life forever. Shine on, Sweet Angel." -Kate, Plano, TX
"I came to Jennifer broken,  not only in love but in spirit. She gave me the tools to love myself and trust my judgement when it came to finding love. Jennifer even warned me, with a smile, that when I was heathy and my heart was ready "the one" would show up in my life.  She was right!  I wasn't even looking and he just appeared in my life. We share a truly intimate, soul- based connection and I couldn't be more thankful to Jennifer for giving me the ability to find a love beyond anything I could have imagined." -Katherine, Dallas, TX

"She gave me the courage to do what was best in my current situation and life. Her insights are priceless!" -Jenna, Plano, TX