Your Soulmate is out there but sometimes you just need a little help finding them

  True love is very real, very beautiful and very available to everyone who seeks it.  There really is someone for everyone. The secret to finding love lies within the mysteries of fate, where the right people meet at exactly the right time...serendipity! The chances of that happening organically narrow tremendously when we live busy, hectic lives.   

If you are searching for real love, then you need someone trained in matters of the heart and soul. Love has been Jennifer’s life work and she has been assisting people in experiencing more love, both within themselves and through their most intimate relationships, for over 25 years. 

With our Elite Matchmaking Service,  your matches are hand picked and personally vetted by Love Expert, Jennifer Styers. When you are ready to meet your match, your first date is meticulously planned by our 'love team' to create the most incredible first connection experience for each individual client, based on their own personal preferences combined with the BEST love science in the industry, to foster a space for true love to grow. 

We know what it takes here at love Jenn, as our founder and CEO Jennifer Styers is one of the Top 15 Dating Experts and Matchmakers in the Country, voted by Match.Com,

Jennifer has found through both relational research as well as her own personal experience in coaching /matchmaking thousands of clients over the past 25 years, that the reason most relationships do not work out long term is that people are too good at choosing the wrong partners for them. Love is more than just chemistry and physical attraction...we must share common values, goals. soul connection and of course, the timing must be right for both partners. Love is a science and an art and if you are that discerning individual that does not have the time to waste dating the wrong people anymore, then Love Jenn's Elite Matchmaking Service is for you. We offer a highly personalized and customized service that is always confidential. No more online 'gambling' for will have pre-qualified, commitment ready matches brought to you.  

If you are looking for REAL love you must be with a REAL expert that can help you find it

Our fees vary, based on the search you choose. We pride ourselves in our huge local client base, which keeps our fees much lower than most traditional matchmakers. Schedule a consultation with one of our matchmakers to see exactly what we can do to assist you in finding the love of your life. No more wasting precious days and years looking for the 'one'...why not help move fate along a little quicker? 


  Potential partners are pre-screened and matched based on physical, emotional and spiritual qualities/goals as well taking into account the Social and Emotional Intelligence factors that could never be measured with an online algorithm. 

Love Jenn's Elite Matchmaking Program

Love Jenn's  Elite Matchmaking Program Includes: 

  • Six Months or One Year of Personal Matchmaking Services. Client may choose either a local or national search.  *fees vary based on search region
  • One 60 minute Personal Coaching Session to ensure you are prepared and ready for love
  • A personal love interview with either Jennifer Styers or one of her 'Team Love Ambassadors'
  • Ongoing date coaching (as needed) for the duration of your program, to ensure your love matches have the best chance to make it long term
  • Featured one time as “Love Jenn’s Most Eligible Client”, to the Love Jenn Community, for personal love recruiting purposes (anonymity respected)