Do you have an immediate relationship challenge or even personal challenge?  

The Ask Jenn  Program allows you access to Jennifer personally by phone, Skype or in person, to work through any challenges you might be experiencing.  It might be a current relationship issue or even questions about why you’re not finding the ‘right one’ for you. This is intimate time focused solely on you and your needs. 

Jenn offers Weekend Personal Coaching Intensives for those ready to work through their 'stuff' quickly, in order to get on with their life, as soon as possible. Can be available for groups also. Please Inquire below for more information. 

45 minute call: $250
Skype/Facetime 45 minutes:  $300
In Person/One Session/ 2 Hours: $395
Weekend Personal Coaching Intensives: Available upon request: $3500 - $10,000 (plus expenses to come to your location)